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Safety During the Storm

North Carolina has had more than its share of hurricanes and tropical storms in recent years. These natural phenomena can cause prolonged power outages. Here are some tips that can help you during a storm.

During the storm, get inside a building. Stay away from windows. Flying debris can cause injury. Do not use the phone or run water during lightning storms. Do not stand in water or take a bath or shower. Currents from lightning can enter through plumbing and phone lines. Don't leave candles unattended and keep them away from furniture, draperies and other flammable materials.

Listen to local radio stations for news about outages. Your electric cooperative makes a special effort to report the latest outage news to local radio stations and other media outlets.

Turn off your heating and air conditioning systems. Unplug sensitive electronic appliances such as TVs, VCRs, microwave ovens and computers. This will protect your appliances against power fluctuations that can occur when power is restored. Be sure to wait five to 10 minutes before turning on appliances and heating systems after power is restored. Be sure to turn off your electric range during a power outage. This may prevent possible damage if you're away when the power is restored.


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