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Restoration Efforts Continue

September 20th, 2018

Line workers boat in to to areas affected by Hurricane Florence. Line workers boat in to to areas affected by Hurricane Florence.

Outage Update: 9/20/18 - 10 p.m. More than 85 percent of Four County EMC members have power, after Hurricane Florence left over 28,000 of them in the dark. As of 10 p.m. today, approximately 4770 members are without power.

We understand those still without power are feeling very frustrated and we thank you for your patience.

More contract crews joined the restoration effort today. Including Four County EMC employees, more than 650 line construction and tree maintenance crews are on the job.

Please be vigilant of work areas. Road shoulders are saturated or inaccessible in some areas, which means crews will have to set up trucks and equipment on the road. Help keep our linemen safe by slowing down, moving over and driving carefully. Never drive through flooded areas.

As damage from Hurricane Florence is repaired, members are reminded of the following important safety tips:

 Never attempt to remove trees or branches from fallen or sagging power lines. Always   assume that lines are energized and potentially deadly. Never touch a downed power line, and remember that sometimes debris can cover fallen lines, making them difficult to spot. . If you see a downed line, call your electric utility or 911.            

Do not wade into or drive through floodwaters.

Only use generators and charcoal grills in well-ventilated areas; a garage does not count as a well-ventilated area.

Get outage updates by checking our real-time system map at or follow Four County EMC on Facebook and Twitter.

Four County EMC thanks members for their patience; getting your power back on is our priority, and we will get it done as safely and quickly as possible. Please report outages to 1-888-368-7289.

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